This isn’t so much about my baby as it is about my – self – care! Giving birth to a human is tough work. Carrying that kid in side of you for 9 months and then having it cut out of you (in my case) and having to try to get off the couch without waking him up with no ab muscles for the first month or so, puts your body through it. Not to mention breastfeeding. God Bless!

This Mama needed to be adjusted. My sciatic was something that previously bothered me pre-baby. However, it was my right side. Post baby, its my left. No matter what I do besides my car’s heated seats nothing relieves the pain. So I finally said enough is enough and I went and did something about it.  Off to the chiropractor I went.

The whole experience was amazing! I have been before back in high school when I was the bottom base of a cheerleading pyramid almost every Friday night. But this was different as a healthcare professional that understands how the body works and what it goes through.  I learned so much in this intro visit that had me like a kid on Christmas.

Thermal Scan – she said it was crazy that only my one side lit up. “That side hates you!” I thought it was funny that that’s the side I always carry the baby on.

Asymmetry Scan – the red is the severe notice it’s my right side where my sciatic pain has been stemming from.

I went back the next day for my first adjustment session and WOW! My poor hips. They were so sore just walking out of the office. It took me days to stop feeling sore. My second appointment I explained that my left shoulder was giving me some trouble that morning and if you could have heard the cracks that came from my back that day. Instantly better.

If you’ve never been to the chiropractor I suggest you look into it, especially post baby. I’ll keep you updated on my progress!


Dairy Free – It’s Not For Me!

I asked my friend and new Mama Megan to write a post for me on her experience with a super fussy newborn. It’s not something we went through but I know some of you may have similar experiences and I asked Megan to talk about what she learned and what worked for them:

“Sleepless nights, Projectile vomiting, gassy crying baby and crying mama.. yayyy newborns!! I was sure something was wrong with her. How could one baby cry so much and be so gassy. I searched for hours and read through mom blog after mom blog and article after article online praying for an answer. I kept coming across this whole dairy intolerant/dairy free thing. I convinced myself that dairy was the route of all evil (and yet all holy bc, cheese). I spoke w our pediatrician at one of her appointments and she told me that nothing was wrong w my baby, everything she’s doing is normal. All the grunting, gassiness, throwing up, crying, both her and me, all normal. She did say that while she may have a touch of reflex, that she was a “happy spitter”. Apparently there are happy spitters and sad spitters. Happy spitters vomit, but are not upset by it. They are still gaining weight. They are still thriving. Then there’s the sad spitters. They are upset after vomiting. They have kind of a sour smell to them/their vomit. They are losing or not gaining weight. They are not thriving. While my LO wasn’t losing weight, she was projectile vomiting almost everything she would eat. She was not happy afterwards, to my standards, and she had the sour smell. Luckily, we are fortunate enough to have a doctor in the family. Instead of going back to our ped, we just went through our family member who agreed that reflux meds were not a bad idea and the Zantac wouldn’t hurt her if she wasn’t truly a reflux baby. Regardless of what you think about going through our fam instead of the pediatrician, since starting her on the Zantac she has not projectile vomited once, nor does she have that sour smell anymore. That’s a win in our book. Happy spitter” my a**!

Now back to the dairy free (DF) thing. Again, I was convinced this was also her issue. I stopped eating dairy the dairy I knew about, cheeses and milks. But, there are so many “hidden” dairy ingredients you have to look out for and they are everywhere. I basically felt like I couldn’t eat anything and it was extremely depressing. The chiropractor we take my LO too ( because there’s a lot of good benefits there too) knows a ton about the whole DF thing and was convinced she had some kind of intolerance and was guiding me on things to do to help her. Cut dairy out, start a probiotic, keep a food log etc. I tried being DF as best I could but again there are hidden dairy ingredients in so many things that I was never truly dairy free. I kept torturing myself with it, though, until my LO’s next appointment at the Peds. This was her one month appointment. I talked to her doctor again about the whole DF thing and she literally begged me to stop torturing myself with it. She said, “pleaseeee, stop doing that. I do this every single day for lots of years, your baby is normal. If she is not normal I would tell you and if she changes you will tell me and we will go from there but everything now is normal newborn stuff”. And that was the end of my DF days. For now. The ped said that everything she was doing was just because she was so young. Newborn’s digestive tracts have to get use to the outside world because on the inside they didn’t have to process food like they do now, along with everything else they have to get use to.

I also know that some parents have had to chat with their peds several times to convince them to do further testing bc they know their babe is DF but because she didn’t have all of the usually signs of DF beyond throwing up( which got better with the Zantac and fussiness-which is just a baby thing) so I felt confident in following the, stop torturing yourself, advice.”  – Megan

“If you do go down the dairy free route, Oreos were a gift from Heaven and how I didn’t completely go off the deep end with my depression from missing cheese” 

“Titties Are Litty”

My fiancé voiced is frustration many times with my pumping sessions “inconveniencing” us walking out the door on time. Or how he had to pack up bottles on the fly. However, this man has picked up so much Breastfeeding/breastmilk knowledge, he could write a post himself by now.

I mentioned how a mutual friend is doing with her journey and he questioned why she’d be having issues or concerns when she’s had kids prior to her newest. I explained (not knowing the actual situations) that maybe she didn’t breastfeed the older children as there wasn’t a big push for it the way there is today. Or maybe the other two latched perfectly and this lil guy is being stubborn. Many factors basically can come into play. He stopped me mid explanation and said

“Babe, do you know why she wants to breastfeed? Because Breast is Best … the titties are litty” 😂

I love him for supporting me even when it “inconvenienced” him (insert eye roll here), supporting our friend’s decision to breastfeed and I love him for just getting it. Getting why it was important to me, why it was important to our baby to get as much breastmilk as I was physically able to give him until I was ready to stop. Then he supported me in that too.

Promo Codes – Baby Things

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I’ll stay on the look out for more great deals for you Mamas!

Females only – you’ve been warned


I see this question (and wondered it myself) a lot in my “Mommy” Facebook groups:

“When will my period come back”

The only thing I know for sure on this topic, every woman is different. I’ve seen as early as 2 Months to 16 Months so far. I’ve heard “the mini pill made me get it” or “when I dropped my pumping sessions and only nursed twice a day”. No answer is right for every woman.

For me, I just got mine…yesterday. 10m16d post partum. I didn’t get it on the mini pill, didn’t get it when I dropped to only two pump sessions a day, not even one. March 31st was my last pump-to-empty session and a little over two weeks later it showed up. I got back on regular birth control a week ago I’m thinking that probably helped.

I thought I’d be in a lot of pain – I basically thought I’d feel like a 12 year old girl again where it was so much you were changing tampons every few hours. Where Id be bed ridden due to cramps. But it isn’t like that for me. It’s very light and seems like it will be gone in another day or two – which is how they were before I got pregnant.

I’m shocked, but I’m not mad at it.

Daily Prompt – Song

It’s amazing how babies start to like certain songs isn’t it?

My son use to only settle down to :

H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line

Can’t help falling in love by Elvis

Meant to be by Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line

His favorite songs to dance to are:

Rolex by Ayo & Teo

Gucci Gang by Lil Pump

His nighttime playlist consists of:

Does your child have a favorite song?