New Build

Hello!! It’s been so long. I admit I fell off the blog posting as life goes sometimes it just got put on the back burner. Some updates:

1- We sold our townhouse.

2- I started my masters.

3- The kids are growing like weeds.

4- We are building a house.

I am sure there are so many more things but those are the most important. I thought maybe I’d bring you along on the building a house process and let you know “What worked for us”!

It’s been a while but who doesn’t love free stuff?

Hi!! It’s been forever! Work has been crazy, wedding planning has been crazy & just your average birthday party every Saturday & Sunday keeps us busy!!

Found a post about this in my EP group today. One mom said she signed up for Medela Moms Room and received this free package of pump stuff in the mail.:

Here is the picture they posted:

It looks like they send you free Breastfeeding/Pumping info too. If anyone signs up send me your pics of your goodie bag!

Phantom Kicks – Yes a thing!

Um… I totally leaned a new thing today. I was reading a post on a local Mommy Facebook page (My DE people you know the one). Someone was complaining of recent pain randomly postpartum and someone suggested “phantom kicks”.

Mind blown

I have randomly been feeling these and just like this article says it freaked me out. I was like “wait I know I’m not pregnant, for sure not pregnant enough to feel kicks…but wait they say you feel them sooner the second time around”.

But no!! Here it is the answer I didn’t even know was a thing! Phantom kicks they say can be gas, digesting, muscle memory or nerve freaky either way.

They say some people feel it for years! God Bless. At least I know I’m not pregnant or crazy. I might take the advice from that article and buy a few pregnancy tests to keep just to help me sleep haha!

Some days you get puked on

Some days we are out the door early. Dunkin run, make it to work early, we’ve even had a whole week of those days!

… and some days you get puked on. Like today. Walking out the door – puke on me, puke on him. Late to work.

It’s the way life goes with kids. My life is now controlled by a mini ticking time bomb of spit up, random screams, diaper explosions and chasing after him.

But damn my kid is cute!

*shows how this week is going – finishing this up a day and a half later*

Cuddle Time

I’m happy to say my son has been consistently sleeping through the night. 🙌🏻 In his crib! He never wakes up anymore and if he does he’s back to sleep within a minute.

He goes to bed at 7:30pm and wakes up around 6:30am when my alarm goes off.

I was so afraid I was going to have to give up our cuddle time while he was falling asleep. A few nights he’s fallen asleep after I’ve put him in his crib still awake. He tossed and turned in my arms and just couldn’t get comfortable when that’s happened. So I put him in to see if he’s just ready to stretch out.

He’s recently been snuggling in on my chest instead of in the typical infant style holding position (whatever you call it).

He’s also been transitioning to the next class at daycare where he will nap on a mat. They started this week with the mat to practice since we were worried how he would do. Absolutely fine! Sometimes I wonder why I’m even surprised he does so well with everything else.

I can’t believe how grown up he is already! 😭

Potty Training Cues?

My son pulled his diaper off Wednesday night and walked over to our 4 square shelf and stood while peeing on one of the shelves!

Jon and I couldn’t believe it! We thought he was just taking the diaper off to be free but low and behold there was pee on the shelf!!!

Thursday morning he pooped when he woke up and took his diaper off before I got in to get him. When I walked in he said “oh what’s that!?” Lol.

Is this the start of potty training cues? He’s only 12 Months I cant believe it would be starting this soon?

Keto Mama Update

Weight loss: 13lbs

I have dropped out of Keto twice since starting. Memorial Day and last weekend. It has taken me 3 days both times to get back in.

Traveling and going to a wedding was tough. We tried really hard but I think we just went over a few carbs everyday and it eventually added up.

Clothes are fitting better, my face is skinnier, my stomach is flatter & I have no back pain.

I’ve stopped tracking as much with the app, I mostly use it when I go out to eat or eat something new.

I bought some Atkins chocolate bars with caramel and nuts because I needed a desert a time or two.

I’m trying to keep this up as a lifestyle just watching my sugar and my carb intake. We will see how that goes!

5 Days Strong

We are 5 days strong of sleeping through the night and not waking up at all!

He’s even been going to bed awake and putting himself to sleep!

It’s crazy how well this all worked, 3 days of work they say. Whoever “they” is … “they” didn’t lie.

Night 4 : Sleep Training


Bedtime: 7:30pm rocked with a bottle cuddling Mama

4:30am: Woke up screaming – didn’t last 5 minutes went back to sleep.

6:30am: Woke up for the day

He didn’t even drink the bottle I left in case he wanted it when he woke up until the morning. The saying is 3 hard days and they are trained. But man, if this is it I feel like an asshole for not doing this sooner!