About Last Night

Update Post!! He stayed all night in the crib!!

Here’s how it went:

(We had a crazy night so our normal “routine” was a little off but he still went to bed in the normal time range)

8:30pm – Fell asleep with bottle cuddling Daddy on the couch. Daddy put him in the crib.

3:27am – Woke up screaming. I looked at the time and said to myself 3:37 I’ll go in. I fell back to sleep because he didn’t even take 10 minutes before he was back to sleep.

4:30am – Woke up and started crying and stopped immediately. He found the 2oz bottle I had left in there for him to find.

6:30am – Woke up talking. I decided since this is the time I normally wake up during the week it was an ok time to get him.

We both lasted the whole night in our own rooms, in our own beds! Night 3 of probably more to come but after everyone’s advice and doing what felt right to me, it looks like we’ve got a good thing happening here!

Thank you to my Mom Squad for all your advice and support as always we will keep doing what works!


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