Phantom Kicks – Yes a thing!

Um… I totally leaned a new thing today. I was reading a post on a local Mommy Facebook page (My DE people you know the one). Someone was complaining of recent pain randomly postpartum and someone suggested “phantom kicks”.

Mind blown

I have randomly been feeling these and just like this article says it freaked me out. I was like “wait I know I’m not pregnant, for sure not pregnant enough to feel kicks…but wait they say you feel them sooner the second time around”.

But no!! Here it is the answer I didn’t even know was a thing! Phantom kicks they say can be gas, digesting, muscle memory or nerve freaky either way.

They say some people feel it for years! God Bless. At least I know I’m not pregnant or crazy. I might take the advice from that article and buy a few pregnancy tests to keep just to help me sleep haha!


4 thoughts on “Phantom Kicks – Yes a thing!

  1. And they don’t go away when pregnant. I’m expecting #2, and it’s still way too early to feel actual kicks, and every once and a while I will swear I do. It’s crazy.


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