I need SLEEP

Y’all, I’m asking you for help. Or letting you know what may be headed your way. My kid pretty much sleeps through the night most nights but he wakes up at 4:30 (2 hours before my alarm). If it’s a night he wakes up he wakes up at 10pm and then most likely one more time.

We’ve got the bedtime routine down. He is like clockwork when it comes to daytime naptime, eating and bedtime. He always starts the night in his crib. Asleep between 7:30/8 every night.

Bad habits or “sleep dependencies” as they call them I am working on breaking:

  1. Bringing him in bed with us if he wakes up
  2. Giving him a bottle everytime he wakes up

I am not oppose to the cry it out method. It has worked on numerous occasions however I have a limit. It use to be 8 minutes because he would fall asleep by then anything longer he wouldn’t. I’ve upped it to 10.

I put him to bed holding, rocking & with a bottle. If I can keep doing that a little longer and still break the waking up habits I would like to but I understand I may have to give that up.

He’s 12 Months.

Last night he slept until 3am 🙌🏻 I let him cry it out for 10 minutes. He sounded like he was going to throw up by the end of it so I went in and rocked him with a bottle… he was so close to sleeping until I tried to put him back in the crib. It took me until 4am to calm him down, rock him standing & sitting to sleep without a bottle and get him back to sleep. I called in the reinforcements – Elvis & Florida Georgia Line. Next time I’ll start with them 🤦🏻‍♀️😭😩.

Someone tell me this is just day 2 in the process and the end of the madness is in sight! Any other tips send them my way I’ll try anything.


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