Traveling with a Baby

So we traveled 5.5 hours this past weekend for a wedding. We brought the baby. We were lucky enough to stay with a good friend who babysat for us during the wedding as well.

Jon & I both start the trip in the front seats. The baby starts with a bottle when we leave the house. Back when I was pumping we would stop depending on my schedule but since I’m no longer pumping we stopped around lunch time or dinner depending when we left. Diaper change and eating in the rest stop to give the baby a break from the car. I also bring extra bottles and offer them multiple times even if it’s more than he normally would drink in hat time frame. If he gets super fussy or a bottle isn’t consoling him one of us will jump in the back for the rest of the ride or until he falls asleep again.

Things I packed:




Pack n Play

Extra clothes

Grass (bottle dryer)

He didn’t end up sleeping in the pack and play for more than a few hours the first night. Then he woke up and ended up coming in bed with us. The night of the wedding she got him to sleep laying on the bed so we just left him there with us.

I didn’t use half the outfits I brought but was glad I had them just in case.

Snacks .. I wish I brought a ton of those teething wafers and Cheerios and that’s it. I had those little packets – couldn’t give him those in the car for obvious mess reasons. I had those yogurt melts which are great for restaurants before the food gets there but terrible for mess reasons in the car as well.

I brought one of our grass dryers with us which was great (the travel sized one was a little small last time so I said forget that and brought the full sized one. I wish I had brought a bottle brush, thankfully she had a sponge that worked but it was a little harder to work with.

All in all we had a great trip, but everytime we travel it’s a learning experience. As he gets older things work differently too. Ya live and ya learn!


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