Ear Infection

My son has his first ear infection. It’s miserable. He’s miserable. I’m miserable. We’re on every 4 hours of Tylenol currently because we can’t seem to shake this fever.

He was warm yesterday morning. He was acting fine so I actually completely forgot to give him Tylenol before dropping him off at daycare.

2 hours later I got a call. He was miserable with a 101 fever and he would need a doctors note to return.

I thought this is just teething he’s been fine I’ll wait until later to take him to the doctors. Off to his Lola’s he went. We gave him some Tylenol and he was off and playing but he got fussy again and I got this picture.

He has never fallen asleep in his high chair or refused food. Poor guy.

So off to the doctor we go. He sleeps the entire appointment. Ear infection. His first one.

He slept through waiting 30 minutes at Walgreens for his prescription.

When he’s not sleeping he’s miserable. Every 12 hours – amoxicillin. Every 4 hours Tylenol. Every 2 hours I’m offering him water or a bottle.

He woke up last night screaming and crying and it took 10 minutes to get him to calm back down. He is super clingy, he lost his mind when I went to pee. As much as I love the cuddles I know he’s miserable and just want my baby to be back to his normal happy self.


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