Countdown to One!

I can’t believe in a few weeks my little baby will be 1! Do I stop calling him “the baby”?! No! I refuse! I can’t believe how much he’s changed in the shortest 11 months 3 days of my life.

He’s walking

He has 6 Teeth

He takes 1 nap a day most days

He talks back!

I just sit on the couch and observe him playing and walking and talking. I love when he’s in the corner with his toys putting the blocks in the bucket or reading his books upside down. It’s so amazing to see this little human do human things.

One day he was just here and I had no idea how deep my love would be for him. He’s perfect. I say that all the time but everything he does has a purpose and a reason even the screams and cries. I know him so well, I know instantly what is wrong or right with him. It’s the craziest feeling in the world.

As I rock him to sleep and cuddle him I remind myself that these days don’t last forever. Sooner than I’ll ever be ready for he will not want to cuddle to sleep, he will not always want his Mama. But for now I’m holding on tight and everything else can wait.


4 thoughts on “Countdown to One!

  1. So cute! He’ll always be your baby but they grow up too fast… In the blink of an eye, my eldest is 14! But he’s still my baby! Enjoy all the little things, all the big things & cradle him for as long as you can.. X

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