This isn’t so much about my baby as it is about my – self – care! Giving birth to a human is tough work. Carrying that kid in side of you for 9 months and then having it cut out of you (in my case) and having to try to get off the couch without waking him up with no ab muscles for the first month or so, puts your body through it. Not to mention breastfeeding. God Bless!

This Mama needed to be adjusted. My sciatic was something that previously bothered me pre-baby. However, it was my right side. Post baby, its my left. No matter what I do besides my car’s heated seats nothing relieves the pain. So I finally said enough is enough and I went and did something about it.  Off to the chiropractor I went.

The whole experience was amazing! I have been before back in high school when I was the bottom base of a cheerleading pyramid almost every Friday night. But this was different as a healthcare professional that understands how the body works and what it goes through.  I learned so much in this intro visit that had me like a kid on Christmas.

Thermal Scan – she said it was crazy that only my one side lit up. “That side hates you!” I thought it was funny that that’s the side I always carry the baby on.

Asymmetry Scan – the red is the severe notice it’s my right side where my sciatic pain has been stemming from.

I went back the next day for my first adjustment session and WOW! My poor hips. They were so sore just walking out of the office. It took me days to stop feeling sore. My second appointment I explained that my left shoulder was giving me some trouble that morning and if you could have heard the cracks that came from my back that day. Instantly better.

If you’ve never been to the chiropractor I suggest you look into it, especially post baby. I’ll keep you updated on my progress!


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