Females only – you’ve been warned


I see this question (and wondered it myself) a lot in my “Mommy” Facebook groups:

“When will my period come back”

The only thing I know for sure on this topic, every woman is different. I’ve seen as early as 2 Months to 16 Months so far. I’ve heard “the mini pill made me get it” or “when I dropped my pumping sessions and only nursed twice a day”. No answer is right for every woman.

For me, I just got mine…yesterday. 10m16d post partum. I didn’t get it on the mini pill, didn’t get it when I dropped to only two pump sessions a day, not even one. March 31st was my last pump-to-empty session and a little over two weeks later it showed up. I got back on regular birth control a week ago I’m thinking that probably helped.

I thought I’d be in a lot of pain – I basically thought I’d feel like a 12 year old girl again where it was so much you were changing tampons every few hours. Where Id be bed ridden due to cramps. But it isn’t like that for me. It’s very light and seems like it will be gone in another day or two – which is how they were before I got pregnant.

I’m shocked, but I’m not mad at it.


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