Back to Work & Pumping

Things you need to know:

1- The law & your employer’s policy on pumping: In my state, the employer must give you a reasonable amount of time to pump as often as needed until your baby is 1. You be able to pump somewhere with a locked door that is not a bathroom.

2- Between pump sessions cleaning parts: There are a few options and it might take a few days to figure out what works best for your.  You can wash the parts in between sessions, or by a back up supply of pump parts, or you can store your parts in the fridge in between.

3- Where will you store your milk: They make mini fridges for your desk to store your milk or pump parts or both!

4. Tips for letdown: if you need that extra push keep a video of your baby crying and baby pictures on your phone to help get your body started.

5. Stay on schedule: your pump is replacing your baby when the baby is not with you. You should pump on the same schedule your baby would normally feed.

And most importantly, remember you are a great Mom and you’re doing amazing. Keep pumping on !


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