C-Section Awareness Month

April is C-Section Awareness Month and next month will be 1 year since my c-section. I know a lot of moms are scared to have one but my biggest fear was hours and hours of labor and ending up in an emergency c-section after all. For me, my son was breech and we had a scheduled C.

The whole experience was seamless. We showed up at noon, registered and they took us right into a room where I got gowned up, they checked my vitals, set me up with an IV and we waited until my OB was ready for me. There was a little delay but we went to the OR around 3:30pm.

When we got in the OR they had to set me up before Jon could come in the room. I got the spinal (which actually made me jump) and within seconds my legs were numb and they were flipping me from a sitting position to laying on my back and putting up the curtain so I couldn’t see.

Random fact : they asked me if I wanted a clear one or not so I could watch if I wanted to 👀 nooo thank you!

My OB came in and “checked me” to make sure I was numb and she started cutting before Jon had sat down! I remember being like well damn here we go! He held my hand and we both looked at each other nervously.

My son was born at 4:03pm they pulled him out butt first and his first cry I instantly started crying. Right before that you kind of forget what you’re there for in all the crazy that’s going on and I heard his cry and it was 9 months of relief that he had made it here, he was ok and holy moly I have a baby all rolled into one. They took him to the side to get him cleaned up and Jon got up to take some pictures.

Here is where it all gets a little blurry. I started feeling nauseous and said something to the anesthesiologist. She instantly went into action adjusting my meds and telling me everything was ok and getting a bin to get sick in. I ended up getting sick about 3 times and thinking when is this going to be over? Jon comes back holding our son with the best smile and just gazing into his little eyes. I’ll always remember this because as sick as I felt Jon hadn’t realized what was even happening until I got sick and my OB said “how much blood has she lost, I need a count now” as I hear the nurses counting the blood soaked rags I again just kept breathing and wondering how much longer. They had 30 rags.

Everything else went fine, they closed me up and sent me to recovery where we started trying to breastfeed and they continued to monitor me. We made it to the floor around 8:30pm. I remember crying when I heard the lullaby over the loud speaker as we got to the floor. Working at this hospital and hearing that for other babies being born meant so much to me to hear it for mine.

Flash forward to the next morning when my midwife came in. I asked her if everything was ok with my csection as I didn’t really get an explanation for all the stress about blood loss the night before. She explained that I had a low lying placenta and that was most likely the reason my son was breech. She said that had he flipped, it would have been quite possible that he or I or both would not be here today.

Moral of my story – csection saved my baby and I and I am so glad I had one on so many levels. Recovery was tough for about a week, I pushed myself more than I should have when I got home but I would do it all all over again to have my perfect little boy.


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