Weaning from the Pump

How do I stop pumping?

For me it has been harder than I thought it would be. There were so many times I was over it, I wanted to stop cold turkey right then. 10pm exhausted and ready to say No, I’m not doing it. I had a goal and that kept me going.

I had only ever started at 4 pumps per day and I dropped to 3 very easily. When I met my goal it was just as easy to drop to 2 because I just stopped pumping at work. 1 a day is when it got harder. For some reason I couldn’t figure out which 1 session I should keep. 6am when I wake up or 10pm before I go to bed.

After two extra weeks for no real reason other than committing, I was having a conversation with my soon to be sister in law and I found myself fighting for why I was still pumping. Not really fighting but giving reasons why when I had met my goal, I had enough frozen stashed. So that night I said this is stupid. I dropped the 10pm session. I started pumping for less time each session and not emptying. After a few days I dropped the last pump.

I’m at every 2 days just pumping for relief now. So far no clogs/mastitis or issues.


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