Baby Stomach Bug

Hi, I’m back. I’ve been taking care of my sick baby the past few days. This time it’s not a cough or runny nose it’s a stomach bug. The worst part is I didn’t realize it was a true stomach bug until two of his daycare friends started getting sick today too. I feel like the worst Mama for bringing my sick baby to daycare to infect the other babies. It started like this ..

Tuesday night : middle of the night he threw up. Then threw up 2 more times.

  • I thought maybe he ate too much since it was clear liquid by mostly rice from dinner

Wednesday Morning: he was in the best mood playing everything was normal. Then it came out the other end (the worst diaper I’ve ever smelled).

  • So I thought phew maybe that’s the end of it.
  • He was drinking fine and acting fine so I thought he’s fine to go to daycare.

He continued to be his normal happy self at daycare but had to blow outs requiring outfit changes.

Wednesday Night: one more blow out which he went straight in the bath from.

  • He slept through the night
  • No blowouts or anything
  • Drank a bottle first thing in the morning
  • Still thinking whatever it is, is just running through his system.

Thursday Afternoon: “two of his friends are throwing up now”

Ugh my baby seemed fine but now I feel terrible. If daycare hadn’t been closed for weather and a funeral the week before maybe I would have called out and kept him home but there’s just so much you can do as a working Mom when everyone in the family works too.

Some things I learned:

  • It can last longer than an adult Bug
  • We went to bottles only and cut out solids and that helped settle his stomach
  • We also started doing 2oz bottles at a time until he could handle more
  • They make single serve bottles of Pedialyte – just add Medela nipple


But most of all I learned that my baby still wants to cuddle his Mama all day when he doesn’t feel good – I wasn’t mad at that!


One thought on “Baby Stomach Bug

  1. So glad your baby is feeling better. Don’t beat yourself up for hindsight – you were doing the best you could with the information you had at the time.

    And OMG single serve Pedialyte, where have you been my son’s entire life?!

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