Need Baby Registry Help?

Moms-to-Be sometimes feel overwhelmed at the thought of making a registry so I thought I would take the time to post a list of things I really found helpful/necessary.

Amazon Baby Registry is a great way to get started. You can find a lot of these items on amazon as I’ve provided the links and they make it super simple for your guests to purchase and ship directly to you.

Bassinet: As a c-section Mom we had the HALO.  It was great for moving the baby closer to the bed.  We found it a little too big for the spot we needed to fit it in and I really wish I used it more for the money it cost.


Bathtub: We really loved this one it helped keep him supported but also kept his bottom half in the water and his head raised. 0-6 months.


Boon Grass : We love this so much we have 3.  Its so nice and takes up very little counter space but works great for drying bottles, nipples, pacifiers etc.  Check out my post called Our Everyday Products to see it in action.

boon grass.jpg

Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat: We got this Ingenuity brand as it had more room for his chunky thighs. It also comes with an attachable tray for snack or toys. This makes a great on the go high chair.


Car Seat : I’m glad we got the infant car seat at first, there were so many times he fell asleep in it and we needed to carry him into places. We really liked the Graco Click Connect as it clicked into the base and the stroller. There are many options for strollers like a sit and stand, double strollers and joggers that the car seat clicks right into.

Crib: We love our Graco brand. It is perfect height for me to bend over and put him down without him waking up. Its very solid and I feel safe having him sleep in it. It converts to a toddler bed, daybed, full size bed with conversion kit

Closet Dividers : These are great, especially when you are first setting up their closet. We got so many clothes it was really nice to organize them by size.


Diapers: Pampers Baby Dry! The only kind we use, he would cry every time his diaper was wet and as soon as we switched to these he was sleeping better through the night.  We love them so much we use them day and night.


Diaper Cream: I Don’t really need to say more except we love this kind, its not so pasty and goopy and it worked instantly for our son.

diaper cream

Diaper Pail : I know I know.. “you’ll never use it” said my fiance. Except I do everyday. He will end up in our room if he wakes up in the middle of the night and I change him in the morning in our room.  I keep it right next to our bed and don’t smell a thing.

diaper pail.jpg

Dresser/Changing Table : The Dresser we could not live without, the Changing table we probably could. At the beginning I used it if we were upstairs but I rarely use it now. The dresser itself I couldn’t imagine life without.


Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat : aka frog chair at least that’s the one we had they have a few different animals. You will not regret getting this chair. We used this until he could sit up by himself and we would just move him from spot to spot in the house. He absolutely loved it!


Gas Drops : Lets face it babies are gassy. These drops help you both get through those extremely fussy times.gas drops

High Chair :We really like this Ingenuity brand chair, it comes apart for easy cleaning and can be used multiple ways to grow with your child.


Knee Pad for the bath : This is just really nice to have to help with your comfort while you give baby a bath.


Monitor: We love our Summer Infant Monitor.We got the double camera option and can see him from different sides of the crib (since he likes to curl up against the sides sometimes). The cameras have a soft blue glow when they are on that make a great night light.  The monitor is very clear and color during the day. The monitor plugs in but lasts a few hours on battery life and even warns you when it needs to be plugged in again. We end up turning the sound down the volume is so great. I can even hear him breathing sometimes if I turn it up.


Pack ‘n Play : If you travel a lot with baby this is a must! Something for them to sleep or play in.  We kept our up in the family room to hold the carseat when we weren’t using it and for a changing table. Now we use it to keep him contained while we get ready in the morning.


Rocking Chair/Glider : Another thing “you’ll never use” I didn’t get one until our son was 7 months old. I regret it, there are so many times I could have used that to put him back in his crib at night.  Its a part of our night time routine and has helped us relax and stay on a routine so much.


Saucer Chair : Most have 3 different heights so the chair can grow with the child. It keeps them busy and sitting/standing up.


Swing: I chose a bouncer & swing combined in one.  We used it until he was about 6 months as a place for him to sleep or hang out downstairs.


White Noise Machine: He absolutely loves this Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother. One of his first words was “fishies”.  I will watch him on the monitor sometimes waking up hitting the button to turn the music on and falling back to sleep. The night light is great too.fishies.jpg

I hope this helps with a starting point at least! Look at my post category “Products” for other posts with products not mentioned here but still necessary! Let me know if I forgot anything!

Also, look for a future post about Toys we love.


3 thoughts on “Need Baby Registry Help?

  1. Great list! We use that bath seat and sit-me-up floor seat. And our diaper pail (we love the munchkin step) has also been used since day one and I don’t know what we’d do without it! Agree with you on the changing table not being a necessity. At least for us, sometimes we use it upstairs, but 99% of the time we use the one that’s part of our pack and play in the living room!
    Definitely going to check out that saucer chair. We didn’t think to register for one and now that baby is getting more wiggly, I think he’d love it.
    If I could go back I’d also have registered for a cool mist vaporizer / humidifier because having a winter baby meant dry air and congestion, which that would have helped with sooner. And for baby clothes, we’ve lived in sleep and plays! Target’s Cloud Island brand has really nifty ones that unzip from the foot up so diaper changes are super easy and don’t require pulling the whole zipper from neck down!

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