Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed

Shout out to Megan who suggested this post: I do not claim to be an expert on this subject. I still struggle with this often. Asking for help!

This is for ” y’all independent women out there trying to be super mom but then get mad when the men don’t read your mind and know what to do” as my fiancé put it ever so nicely. (You can also thank him for the title of this post).

I do everything for our son. I am particular in how I do things which is half of my inner battle of asking for help. Plus his daycare is near my work so I drop off and pick up. And well… I’m the Mama.

This has been our only cause of argument over the past almost 10 months. Jon really does help a lot he takes care of the dogs and cat, loads my car up every morning, cooks dinner and if he’s home before me he gets the baby out of the car as soon as I pull up.

It’s the night time wake ups ( which are less often ) that Jon could sleep through a train going through the house before he’d hear the baby. Being a working mom lack of sleep after a few days makes me on edge. It’s the freedom he has to just go to the gym when he wakes up – after sleeping in on the weekends. It’s the “hey can you hold this baby so I can…” when I hear the response “I’m making dinner ugh fine!” Oooohh that ughhhh and that excuse – people have been killed for less lol.

My advice to any man who might be reading this.. take a second before you respond. Has your girlfriend/fiancé/wife been with the baby the past few hours/days does she deserve a 5 minute or more break? Give it to her without asking.

Jon has started asking “do you need anything from me before I..” this and me forcing myself to stop doing everything and getting annoyed by it later. Tonight I had a bad headache and I thought I really want to just lay here and close my eyes and I started by telling Jon I had said headache. Then I started saying “hey.. can you make him a bottle and see if he will go watch basketball with you”. After some Meds, some water and a minute to breath and take a quick cat nap my headache is gone.

Jon came back and had 3 funny stories to tell me about their time together. I know he was thankful for the time even if at first it might have seemed like something he wasn’t planning to do. He’s a good Dad, he’s a good fiancé – I need to let him have the time to be both things too.


One thought on “Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed

  1. This sounds so familiar. I went through a time when I felt like I had to make up for not being with my Little Dude while at work by being glued to him the rest of the time. That was a sure recipe for burnout and it doesn’t last. Good luck continuing to work on that.

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