Daily Prompt – Invisible

Being a Mom is hard work, being a stay at home mom I can only imagine can be even harder! I was home for 10 weeks on maternity leave and even though I had my newborn and my soon-to-be step daughter with me every waking moment there were many times when I felt invisible.

You start to change as a person, your wants and goals are now engrossed in your new little person.  You see friends you use to talk to everyday, hang out with every week slowly disappear.  You start to think, do I even have anything in common with my friends who don’t have babies anymore. How will you even spend time with them, besides when you find a baby sitter and get a night “off” to hang at the bar. Then when you get to the bar you instantly realize “wow, I am exhausted – I want to be sleeping not drinking”!

Eventually, your circles change. You meet new friends who have common interests of kids and you do kid activities together. My coworker turned friend and I went to the YMCA this weekend with our babies and took them swimming. You wouldn’t believe how excited I was for this event. The heated pool, seeing the reaction on my sons face. No bar, no night of drinking can compare to that joy.

If you are feeling invisible, you too will realize quickly how your life has evolved and this was everything you wanted and so much more.




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