Sickness & in Health

Here I am at 3am holding my sick baby in my arms who after an hour of inconsolable crying, coughing, kicking and screaming is finally asleep. He’s had a slight fever now for about 24 hours. Our regimen is as such – Zarbees for the cough & Tylenol for the fever every 4 hours. We got behind because he actually slept 7 hours straight (hallelujah) and I let him.

Do you struggle with the greater good ? I do all the time as a Mom. Would he have felt better if I kept up with the Meds or is he miserable anyway and he would have woken up upset either way? I finally calmed him down with a cold baby wipe of all things. I just wiped it over the back of his neck, his forehead and his arms & legs. It worked long enough that I could rock him back to sleep.

I read a post today that said “bad mom’s don’t worry if they are good moms”. Sometimes I’ve gotta remind myself I’m just doing what works.


3 thoughts on “Sickness & in Health

  1. Poor Kole :(( I hope he feels better soon!! This isn’t compareable to a sick baby battle, but I just got Cora back to sleep after her 3a feeding. She was already asleep but I thought, well let me also change her diaper really quick before laying her down. Wrong. Rookie mistake?! Possibly. She completely woke up in the process and decided to give me a run for my money until just now, 430a. Cool. Thanks, kid. Lol. Next time I will either change her before the feeding, which I usually do although this time she wanted to eat, like, yesterday, or we just won’t get that diaper changed until it obviously needs to be changed (I.e- she pooped and I can smell it). I won’t let myself tell myelf that I’m a bad mom for not changing her next time. I’ll lay her back down and smile as I/we continue getting that ever so precious sleep that is stolen from you the moment said baby enters the world (not that I would change that for anything in the world 💕). Anyways, hope you and Kole can get even more rest and he wakes up feeling ten times better. ❤️💜

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    • I’ve totally done that and regretted it instantly too! I do the same now – wait for poop or wait until he wakes up. They are like ticking time bombs when they are sleeping I swear 😩. He’s up now 15 min before my alarm talking and crawling all over me lol. Tylenol is a magic potion! Hope you get some rest too Mama!! You’re a good Mama don’t ever second guess that.


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