There’s so much to think about when it comes to daycare. You’re already stressed about coming back to work and leaving your baby. What do you pack, what if he hates it, what if he cries all day? Then once I was back at work I would feel guilty. Even going out of the office to lunch I felt like I should have had him with me. All normal feelings and thoughts.

What To Pack: Every daycare does things a little different but ours sent a list of items to pack before the 1st day.

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Pacifier
  • Diaper Cream
  • Swaddle (2)
  • Crib sheet (2)
  • Change of clothes (5)
  • Breastmilk/Formula

Even with this list, I still called twice to ask questions.  Our daycare was great at answering all of our questions and helping us through the first day.

How the day goes: First of all, our daycare has an app called “Brightwheel“.  If your daycare doesn’t have this, ask if its something they could look into. It makes that first day and everyday after so much easier. We get updates with timestamps on when he ate, peed, pooped & slept.  They are great about uploading pictures and videos as well.

I would drop him off a little later than the other kids got there and they would be taking their morning nap.  Some days he’d nap with them some days he napped on the way. After that they did play time working with sensory activities and reading books and other developmental activities.

Then, there is lunchtime and nap time again.  This nap time is normally the longer nap.  Then, more play time and snack time and play time then its the end of the day.

My Pros to Daycare: He started at 10 weeks and right away I could see differences in things they could get him to do that I couldn’t. He had fought a swaddle at home but would love it and sleep great there.  I started trying it at home and using their tips and was amazed at how on schedule, and how much better/longer he slept. He had stopped using a pacifier long before 10 weeks but I sent one anyway because it was on the list. He would use it at nap time there for a few weeks (he stopped there too eventually).

Every time I have been working on something with him at home, I tell them about it and they work on it too.  They even sent me videos of their attempts to get him to do things.  If he walks before 12 months I will totally share the credit with them.

The me time is probably the biggest pro. I get a break, I get to be me at work and feel human again (which I love – Props to all the stay at home Moms that is tough work!). Sure  I miss my baby, I stalk the bright wheel app often. I can run errands on my lunch break, I can eat uninterrupted!

His friendships and social skills are amazing to see. He has a best friend and a girlfriend already. His best friend is 2.5 months older and whatever he’s doing my son has to follow suit. Keeping up with him has done amazing for my son. When his friend moved to the next class up and my son wasn’t ready yet, I saw the stop of his progression. He didn’t want to walk with assistance anymore, he got lazy about crawling. He was the oldest in his class and the others were laying around working on tummy time and he had no knew goals to keep up with.

The moral of my post here is, your baby will be fine, you will be fine. You are doing great Mama!


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