Freezing The Stash

You want to freeze your first bag but don’t know where to begin?

Here’s what you need to know:

1- You can combine pumping sessions into one to make a full bottle/bag.

2- I always did 4oz just for consistency and you’ll see in the steps below for organization purposes. Some do 5-6oz. I recommend not filing the bag as the milk expands as it freezes and it can issues with opening, bag ripping etc.

3. Freeze Flat!! Lay the bag down on top of a box of eggos or some flat surface. I’ve heard others using cookie sheets to sandwhich the bag in between. Either way this will help condense the size of your growing stash and leave some room for frozen pizza or veggies.

:Favorite Product Update: These trays come in a set of 2 on Amazon and I used them to collect my bags until I reached enough for a brick. Currently I use one for milk and one for pouches.

4. Collect as many as you can in a gallon sized ziplock bag to create a brick. If you do 4oz bags, you will need 15 bags to make 60oz. Depending how flat your bags are you should be able to fit 15 every time. Make sure you label the bags with the date frames inside and how many oz for easy math. Put the bags in newest to oldest. You want to grab the oldest bags first when you go to defrost.

5. Test your frozen! I see too many Moms waiting until they are weaning or until the first time they leave the baby and their baby won’t take their milk due to High Lipase.

Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down the fats in your milk to help baby digest it. When lipase occurs in excess, this process happens much more rapidly and can make the milk taste off or sour after a period of time. Milk with excess lipase is safe to drink, but some babies dislike the taste and refuse it.

I also cycle my milk out so nothing is ever over 6 Months. Just to make sure nothing goes bad.

6. Defrost the night before. In the fridge. Put it in Tupperware in case it leaks!

7. Medela bags suck! They are suppose to be made so you can pump into them and maybe some people use that but for me trying to pour milk in was terrible. They also are a more thicker plasticy feel and the bags are shorter and measure differently than other brands like my favorite Lansinoh. Target brand worked well too.

I do love Medela Harmony – manual pump and the Medela storage system and the nipple shield however. I just hate their bags!

I think that pretty much covers it – comment below if I forgot something or if you have a question !


6 thoughts on “Freezing The Stash

  1. This is so helpful! I’ll be going back to work soon and I’m just starting my freezer stash. The whole logistics of pumping is super daunting to me – I can’t wait to learn more from you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww yay! I was actually thinking of you when I posted the link in that group. I realized I hadn’t told you about it yet. Send your questions my way Mama!!


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