Put that baby to bed!

We started with the Halo (C-section Mama) and it was awesome for a side table and I could push it out of my way. My baby loved it and would sleep in it but it JUST fit between my bed and dresser. At 4 months we started the transition to the crib.

I hate to admit but we co-slept from time to time. Between breastfeeding sessions at the beginning and then later when he got really sick and I was afraid to have him in the crib in other room. If he wakes up in the middle of the night during the week he comes in bed with us.  This working Mama needs sleep! Good news is he will take a bottle and fall right back to sleep and I don’t move in my sleep so he just stays in my arm.

He is such a routine baby that at 7:30 every night I zip him up in his sleep sack and rock him with a bottle in our rocking chair.  With his favorite playlist of country songs (H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line – his favorite since birth) playing in the background. He either finishes that 6oz bottle or falls asleep drinking it. After a few minutes of making sure he really is asleep, I stand up slowly and walk over to the crib.

Now this is the trick that has worked for us the best, I hold him tight and bend over at the waist. Still holding him close to me. Then I sneak my arms out from under him.  This way he never feels the drop. My fiance struggled every time putting him in the crib until he started doing this too. If you are having trouble relocating your little one I hope this helps!


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